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Best Dual Band Powerful Mobile Phone Booster GSM900 and Signal soieuPnldct for hidden.

Product Description

Are you seeking a cell phone booster in the market for your home, office, or car? Are you looking for information on the different types of cell boosters, which brands are the best, and how to install and operate your cell signal booster? There is a dual band mobile phone signal booster available for use with dual band phones.

A mobile phone repeater will allow you mobile phone to be a true wireless device. Once you get a booster, you will be able to throughout you whole house without having worry about dropped calls and little sound volume. That is capable of improving the signal strength of the GSM900 and DCS1800 phone through signal amplification up to an area of 1000 square meters. That means the cell phone booster help you to achieve long distance and more reliable communication.

Having a dual band cellular phone booster you’ll get a perfect connection and communication. If you’re in a weak signal area, the mobile phone signal booster can enhance the signal strength. It is worth to possess, you deserve it.

Notes: Long range Mobile Phone Signal Repeater! Up to 1000 square meters!
This device is for GSM900 and DCS1800 signals only. Please check frequency your country uses before purchasing


  • Frequency range:

-Up link GSM 890-915/DCS1710-1785(MHz)

-Downlink GSM 925-960/DCS1805-1880(MHz)

  • Coverage: Up to 1000m 2 (Distance will be reduced when obstacles are in the way i.e. surrounding walls)
  • Gain (dB):

-GSM/DCS Up link 65/53
-GSM/DCS Downlink 70/58

  • Gain adjustable range MGC≥30dB
  • Pass band ripple:

-GSM: 4 dB
-DCS:15 dB

  • I/0 impedance: 50V/N Connector
  • I/0 return loss: ≤- 10 dB
  • Noise igure: ≤- 8 dB
  • Intermodulation attenuation(Po=13dBm): ≥40dBc
  • Transmission Delay: ≤0.5us
  • Guard band rejection:

-GSM (BW-60dB) ≤42 MHz,(BW-70dB) ≤ 45 MHz
-DCS (BW-58dB) ≤104MHz ,(BW-60dB) ≤107MHz

  • Power supply: AC110~220V±10%  45~55Hz
  • Dimensions: Signal Booster: 158 x 136 x 37 mm (L x W x D)
  • Reliabiity: To zhe GB6993-86 standard
  • Electromasnetic compatibility: To zhe ETS300 694-4 standard
  • Color:Grey

Accessories :

  • Signal Booster
  • Indoor Antenna
  • Outdoor Antenna
  • Power Adapter
  • Coaxial Cable 2M
  • Coaxial Cable 10M
  • Indoor Antenna Accessories and Screws


Note:Please be clear about which frequency you want to boost. You must check your local Mobile Frequency range and choose the booster as per your required Frequency. Please check your country’s Mobile Frequency here.

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